About Travelbounce

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Travelbounce was created to help travellers find essential travel information in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. We understand planning a trip in these times or in the near future can be filled with uncertainty and may entail more than simply choosing a destination, finding flights and booking an accommodation.

With the entire tourism, travel and hospitality industries thrown into chaos, the only thing that is certain is that travel as we know today is changing forever.

Travelbounce brings all the latest developments in the form of articles, news from the web, useful tools and updates all in one place helping you track the industry’s gradual recovery so you can plan and resume travel with confidence.

As keen travellers ourselves, we’re eagerly looking forward for travel to bounce back and we hope you find the information on Travelbounce useful to track its recovery and plan your next getaway.

– Travelbounce Team