Travel to Mexico: Latest on entry rules and Covid-19 cases

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Mexico makes for the perfect holiday with its mix of tourist-friendly beach resorts, bustling cities and historic ruins.

But with travel still heavily restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic, we look at whether you can visit from the UK, and what Covid-19 cases are like in the country.

Note that different restrictions on overseas travel are in place in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Though its land border with the US is closed, commercial flights are operating in and out of Mexico, and it’s still possible to visit from the UK without a visa. There are no requirements to present a negative Covid-19 test on arrival or to self-isolate.

However, you should bear in mind:


1. You are likely to have travel insurance issues

Getting a good insurance policy when you go abroad is always important, but it’s especially so during a pandemic when travel plans are frequently being disrupted (not to mention the increased health risks).

The UK Foreign Office currently advises against travel to anywhere in Mexico due to the risk of contracting Covid-19. This means that you may struggle to find an insurer who will cover you. If you have an existing policy, it may be invalidated due to the Foreign Office advice.

2. You will have to self-isolate when you get back to the UK

Mexico is not on the UK’s travel corridor list, so you are required to self-isolate at home for 14 days (or, from December 15th, for five days if you receive a negative Covid-19 test result) as soon as you arrive back.

3. Mexico is still badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic

Mexico has seen more than a million Covid-19 cases, and upwards of 102,000 deaths. As of November 24th, it was reporting around 7,000 new cases per day (shown below).

As a result, many local authorities in the country are imposing restrictions on travel and everyday activities.

The Foreign Office provides links to the local authority websites here.

When will it be possible to visit Mexico freely?

Unfortunately… we just don’t know. New Covid cases in Mexico aren’t currently showing signs of slowing down, and despite the recent positive news on vaccines, it’s unclear how the global roll-out of these will play out and what this will mean for travel.

If you want to book a trip to Mexico for 2021, we recommend making sure the policy allows you to adjust your dates in case the situation remains unchanged.

Are you planning a trip to Mexico or do you have further questions? Let us know in the comments.

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